Thursday, August 1, 2013

No schedules are sometimes the best schedules

Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. We started our day off relaxed, with no set agenda. 

I am typically a very scheduled person. I like calendars, lists, and time frames. However, a break from a schedule can feel so freeing and rejuvenating. In 11 days I go back to work and my life will become very structured and scheduled (life of a teacher/mom). I am going to enjoy this weekend up North to it's fullest! 

We got in last night at 10pm, unpacked and went to bed at 11pm. That's the latest Cole has ever gone to bed! I thought he would sleep on the 3 hour drive up, but nope! Anyway, he was up at 6:30am. We didn't want to wake our friends and their kiddos so Chris graciously offered to go get groceries with Cole and told me run. 

He sent me on another easy paced 6 mile run.  He is keeping my runs easy right now to see how my shin handles the runs. 
It may not look like it, but the roads are pretty hilly up here. I couldn't find a local path so I just ran on the road. As you can see it had a decent shoulder to run on. 
I finished my run (and for some reason I look like death in this picture but I really felt great) just as they returned from the store. Nothing exciting about the run, just got a few miles in. My shin felt the same as yesterday. I need to stay on top of  stretching and icing but it was a great start to the day. 

Once we got back the boys hung out outside. (Cole was too busy gardening to smile)
After showering the boys and dads went to the meat market and the girl's hit up Starbucks. 

Now it's nap time. 
We plan to swim, grill out, and head to town tonight! 

PS tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary and my hubby lost his ring canoeing yesterday. Ironic? Looks like we will be shopping for a new one! 

What are your favorite vacation spots?

Do you like to keep vacations relaxed or jan packed? 

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  1. So glad you are able to relax... and you three are all together to enjoy it! I bet running in a new/different environment is also refreshing. I hope someday soon 6 miles can be considered an "easy" run for me :)

    Super happy anniversary tomorrow, too!!! :) 5 years ago tomorrow was such an awesome day! Love you three!!!