Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to reality

We are home! We had a great mini- vacation. I think it is just what I needed before the start of the school year. I swear my stomach starts to churn once August hits. I absolutely love teaching and staying busy, but I get so sad to leave my little man. We have had such a wonderful summer. Ill have to recap all of our summer fun this week!

We went up to Wisconsin Dells, Wi for the weekend. We invited our friends and their adorable son and daughter. Cole has a blast playing with his buddy!

So sweet!


I hope everyone else had a great weekend. 

As for today, I am really disappointed to say that it didn't happen. My hubby got up and went for and 8 mile run @ a 6:55 pace. I was going to head out after him but we were running out of time. The plan was for me to run once we got home. But between packing up, cleaning the cabin, driving home, unpacking, laundry, and cleaning the house I felt exhausted and just not motivated. I am still not feeling great and had some hot/ cold chills. I think my last post my have jinxed me. 

My husband only takes 3-4 weeks off from coaching all year. Really the only reason he takes time off from coaching is because of the IHSA guidelines. Otherwise he would probably wouldn't take any to time off. He loves running but I think his #1 passion is coaching his runners.  Not sure if I mentioned this before or not but his girls are pretty amazing-- the past 4 years they have been Illinois 2A Girl's Cross Country State Champs or runners up. They are amazing to watch.  

Anyway, my point is that I will be able to get my 15 miler in first thing in the morning because he will home.  The weather looks great and I am hoping I feel great. 

What is your longest run? 
Do you get nervous before long runs? 
What's your favorite running fuel? 

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