Saturday, August 24, 2013


Well, we do have electricity and all is good! I swear we always have crazy random problems. Last year it was the raccoons, skunk, and opossum invading our property.  They chewed through our bathtub jet wiring and Direct TV cables.  It's always an adventure. 

This week Chris had parent nights and open house Tuesday and Wednesday night, and of course things always go crazy when he isn't around. Very thankful for my in-laws for coming to help out!

Since I haven't really posted I will recap my workouts this morning. I was able to wake up early every morning and get it done. I am loving early workouts. 

Monday- 30 minutes elliptical. Recovery from my 17 miler 
Tuesday- 7 miles easy 
Wednesday- 2 mile w/u, 10- 1 min on 1 min off, cool down. Total 7 miles. 
Thursday- day off. Chris has morning practice 
Friday- 7 miles easy 
Saturday- should be a day off, but I feel so much better after a run and have been pretty stressed with work- so maybe a quick 4-5miles
Sunday- half marathon. I am supposed to run 19, but thinking I will just do the half. My shin after Wednesdays run has been tender. 

As you can see 7 miles has been my go to run.  For some reason that distance is my sweet spot right now and everything feels better after I hit 7 miles. 

Balancing Act 
At the beginning of every school year I really struggle balancing everything and takes me a good month or so to get it all figured out. 

What I try to balance in my day:
1. Prayer/ meditation time- morning, night and during runs
2. Family time- after work we go for a walk, play and eat dinner together 
3. Running- first thing in the morning
4. Teaching/ classroom work- set hours. We are required 7:30-3:40. I set 7-4:30 for myself. So much to do! 
5. Healthy eating and making a healthy dinner each night- planning!!
6. Housework- cleaning, laundry, dishes- 10-15 minutes each day really helps!
7. Strength exercises- during playtime
8. Time with friends- lunch dates, walks, play dates
9. Our relationship- set time for us a few nights
10. Blogging - I'll be happy if I can post 3-4 times a week

I've been pretty good about somethings but not so good about others.  I really want to work at more healthy food choices, family time, and strength.  Unfortunately with the start of school and the season Chris has been gone for 12 hours many days.  I know it gets better, but it's a busy time. Also strength workouts have been pretty non- existent this week. I need to start sneaking it in. 

As for food choices we did better this week. On Sunday we planned out our dinners and made our shopping list. Then we went grocery shopping together to get everything we needed. It worked out nicely. 

Our Menu for the week was:

1. Grilled chicken, quinoa, roasted broccoli and zucchini 
2. Our planned dinner was moved to Wednesday because our power was out.  We grabbed Jimmy Johns. 
3. Chicken, avocado paninis and roasted sweet potato wedges 
4. Tuna melts made with mashed avocado and Greek yogurt on Ezekiel sprouted whole grain bread
5. Chicken, cranberry, blue cheese salads

To work on family time we decided that we will take at least 3 walks a week together as a family. I love going for walks. I find we talk so much more than being in the house.  

I need to start doing abs, squats and lunges as I play with Cole. I have been saying I'll do it after he goes to bed but it never happens. 

I always feel so much better when things in my life are balanced.  I just have to remind myself it takes time and can't happen right away! 
As for now I'm going to play with my wild child! Have a great Saturday!!

How do you balance everything in your life? Any tricks you can share?

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