Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another morning run

7 miles/ 57 minutes
I felt great running but after this run my shin felt like it was going to snap again and my left hip was/is super tight. I'm almost 28 and falling apart already.  Seriously, why has my body been so goofy this past year. I turned 27 and everything went wacky.

It's hard for me to believe but I've been up early each morning this week to run.  I knew if I didn't do it early, I would never do it. The only way I get up and out the door each morning is by wearing my running clothes to bed. I crawl out of bed, throw my hair up, grab my watch, and put my shoes on. I'm out the door running within 3 minutes of waking. I really think I am half asleep for the first 30 minutes. 

When I got home I showered, got dressed, made a smoothie, then did my make-up and hair. Cole eats breakfast and watches cartoons as I get ready. Then I go nonstop the rest of the day!

Today I came home and went on a walk with my little buddy. 
He thought we should walk and play catch
We are working on his throwing and catching skills:) 
Then we rolled down the hill. 

Chris brought dinner home ( way too fried to cook this week!!) and then it was bath and bedtime. It's so hard going back to work. I miss spending my days with my buddy. 

On a positive note, my kids rocked today! I already have another student! I'm up to 19, I wonder how many more I will gain. The new girl is Hailey, and I already have 2 Haileys. Must be a top name from 2005. Last year I had many Olivia's and Madison's. 

Well I am super glad it's Friday tomorrow! Off to lesson plan, create goal sheet, and upload student pics! Have a great night. 

What was your workout today?
What are your weekend plans?

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