Sunday, August 11, 2013

Favorite Snacks

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 
15.3 miles; it was supposed to be 16. I'm not going into too much detail about the run because it wasn't anything to write about.

{edited: went out and ran another 1.5 miles because I have some serious issues and stopping at 15.3 was bugging me}

Anyway, I was reading this article from Runner's World the other day:
It listed some great quick snacks, and it got me thinking about some of my favorite go to snacks. 

When I am working I always pack a big bag of snacks for the day. I am not a nice person when I am hungry. 

One of my favorite snacks 
plus some fruit 

My other go to snacks 
1. String cheese and apple slices or grapes 
2. Almonds and raisins
3. Veggies ( peppers, carrots, cucumbers) and hummus
4. Peanut butter and apples or banana
5. Lara bars, kind bars, or cliff bar
6. A smoothie 

Breakfast and Lunch 
After I ran Chris went out for a 10 mile run.

I didn't eat before my run, so when I came home I had a huge glass of water with Nuun and waffles with peanut butter and bananas. During my run I knew I would need something so I took some Gatorade energy chews. I normally take chomps or Gu, but Chris got a few of these through work and I wanted to try them. 
It was my first time using them, but I liked them. 

Later on we went to my favorite place for lunch, Chipolte. I got a chicken burrito bowl and meant to take a picture but when I remembered to take it I was almost done. I guess I was hungry. 

Lunch with my boys. 

We plan to go canoeing once Cole wakes up, it's another beautiful day. 

What are your favorite go to snacks?

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