Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tangent Tuesday #2

I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. I have a lot of random thoughts and today's Tuesday. Kinda perfect. 

1. No running today. After my 15 miles yesterday my shin wasn't having it. :( or my head 

2. Oatmeal is making a comeback as my go to breakfast. 
Topped with nut butter, chia seeds and sliced banana. I love to cook my oats with 1/2 cup of water 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 a banana cooked into the oats. The other half tops my oats. So filling! 

3. My mom is pretty fantastic. She graciously offers to help me with my classroom every year. She helped me for 6 hours today. It's coming along! 

4.  I am still not feeling great.  Body aches and low energy. This past October I suffered terrible vertigo and it tends to creep back when my immune system is low. It's not fun running while dizzy.

5. While cleaning up dinner tonight Cole decided to take over the kitchen. ( We had breakfast for dinner: home cooked potatoes, eggs, and avocado) 
6. The weather we have been having is less than stellar for August. Gloomy skies and rain. 

7. I always wonder how I get things done when I'm back at work. Ironically it piles up when I am not working but I am more on top of things when I am working. I don't understand. 

8. These boys make me smile. 
9. Shark week is on as I type. 

10. 2 things I'm looking forward to : Cougars game Thursday and Lake Geneva Saturday!

11. I'm off to work on labels galore. 

Hope you had a great day! Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with a good run report. Positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking...

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