Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week of Workouts

My blogging is taking a backseat lately. I was working with a friend and we are/were in the process of creating a new blog called " A Running Couple's Life". I honestly just haven't had the time to get it up and running.  Another reason why this blog is so plain.  I'm trying to make time:) I like to do things well or not at all.  I will keep you posted when/if the change happens. 

This little man keeps me busy :)

As my schedule continues to be busy, especially with the marathon in 3 weeks I do still want to blog my workouts to keep me accountable, but with less frequency.  

So here are my workouts from last week:

After my run Sunday my shin/calf issue was killing.  I pray I have the strength and little to no pain to run in 3 weeks. PR goals are out the window.  Just hoping to run and enjoy it! 

Monday- rest
Tuesday-rest ( 2 days in a row is hard for me- trying to be smart) 

Wednesday- 30 minutes elliptical before work- 30 minutes after work. 100 of each- squats, girly push ups, sit ups.  I broke it up into 5 rounds of 20

Thursday- 60 elliptical before work.  Tried a run after work.  Made it 2 miles and stopped.  Shin/ calf pain :(

Friday- 60 elliptical.  Squats, girly push ups, and abs. Didn't make it to a full 100 of each. Maybe 80?

Saturday- Spin class for 50 minutes and a long walk 

Sunday- supposed to be 20 miles. Didn't happen. 

So I'm frustrated but focusing on the positive.  I've been really lucky in much of my training up to this point.  I am icing, wearing compression and trying to do more low impact exercise. I would love to get a sports massage. Maybe I can find a local groupon deal.  As for now I'm trying to stay active and realize that some things are out of my control.  ( I like control, if you couldn't tell). My hope is to show up at the starting line of the marathon and enjoy the experience. 

In other news, I am excited to be starting an after work exercise group with some fellow teachers. We are hoping to run 2-3 days a week, yoga/ workout DVDs the other days.  A few people are a bit intimidated, but I am hopeful that they will love the endorphins and keep coming back for more.  I think this will be a great way to boost the moral of our school! I understand that not everyone loves working out the way I do, but I hope they find this a fun way to unwind, laugh, and have fun while getting a good sweat. 

I have so many ideas running through my mind lately. Fitness/ a health lifestyle are a huge passion of mine, and lots of new things I would like to investigate! 

In other news we celebrated my Babcia's 85th birthday today! She is one strong woman. 

Best cake ever! 

Love these kids! 

I hope you had a great weekend! I am hoping to be back this week! I have some fun workouts to share and a tasty dark chocolate banana muffin recipe to share!   

What's the biggest obstacle that holds you back from getting our workouts in? 

I find that I MUST write them down on my calendar or I just come up with an excuse.  Lately waking up has been hard, but I just keep reminding myself how much better I feel all day if I work out! I'm exhausted at the end of the day so it's easier to do it in the morning for me.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Staying Afloat

I haven't had time to write in what a seems like forever. I am going to back track and go through my workouts from my last post. 

Last week
Last Friday- off
Saturday- easy 5 miles
Sunday- attempt at 20. I slept through my alarm and missed my morning workout time. Didn't get out til 11 (nap time) and it was 80 degrees.  My shin was really hurting so I decided to stop.  

This week 
Monday- Wednesday- elliptical 45-60 min each day.  Trying to give my shin a rest
Thursday- 50 minute run at an easy pace 
Friday-7 miles ( beautiful weather!!) I felt awesome! First mile 8:30 and miles 2-7 were sub 8.  Felt great
Saturday-6 miles. Vertigo was back and shin hurt bad
Sunday- 12 miles.  First 8 were terrible. Last 4 felt great.  Last mile was 7:50. 

I am really at a point where I don't know what to do with the upcoming marathon. I've had 2 - 20 mile runs I haven't completed.  This weekend is another 20. I pray I rest this week and feel good.  

Past week plus some 
Well life's been busy.  We've had cross meets, open houses, dentist appointments, and lots of school work.  I'm struggling to keep up. I'd be lying If I said getting back into the business of life has been easy.  We have many changes at works, and I've been feeling quite overwhelmed.  

In the meantime we have been having some fun too. 

Cross meets!! Pictures by Cole's old sitter and wonderful photographer at Songs of Life Photography. 



Football games 

Apple orchards, petting zoos, raspberry picking 


Life is good.  When things get hard, crazy, overwhelming they never stay that way.  It's hard to make it through the rough patch. I always have to repeat to myself " God only gives me as much as I can handle."  It helps me knowing he is confident that I can handle the situation.  I am beyond thankful for the most supportive husband that always seems to have the right things to say when I start to get a little or a-lot-le crazy.  Not sure where he gets his wisdom but its pretty great.  Also so thankful for awesome family that is always around to help. We are so blessed. 

I have also been frustrated with my running. I know I need to take time off- more time than I have, but it is hard.  It distresses me.  It gets me through the "hard". I probably need to go back to the doc, but hard to fit it in.  

I find when things get tough I need to do the following to help me:
- stay active 
- get enough sleep
- think of all the positives in my life
- know that this is part of God's plan
- believe things will be better 
- take deep breaths 

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! 

What's your favorite way to distress?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Tuesday- off
Wednesday- 60 min elliptical bright n early
Thursday- 7 miles before work - 3 miles at night 

My shin/ calf is really acting up again.  Taking a day off tomorrow or cross training. Pain pain go away.  

1. This week has been crazy! You would think a short week would be nice, but I have 5 days of work to cram into 4. 
2. I'm tired.  Really really tired.  
3. Yesterday was rough in the tantrum department. Terrible Twos plus some. 

4. I have been extra hungry lately. I swear my body goes nuts once my mileage goes up and I can't get satisfied. 
5. Loving yogurt bowls in the morning. 
6. I love that Cole is getting to be such a helper ( when he's not throwing a fit)
7. Cole is in love with his new shoes. 
8. Cross country is in full swing! It's busy around here. 
9. I had a pumpkin bar today and again forgot a picture. I'm excited for the fall!
10. I can't wait for the apple orchard. 
11. Chris is excited about his apple tree. He is excited to share that their are over 200 apples. 
12. I'm tired. Wait? Did I saw that already? 

I need to get back to my running posts, I have been frustrated lately with my leg.  I need to revamp my training.  Not sure what I can do with the marathon 5 weeks away.  I think my goal to PR is changing to just enjoy the run.  After this marathon I'd like to focus on speed and my half marathon time. We will talk running a other day! Hope your running is going well!

More thoughts
What are you thankful for? End your day jotting down or stating a few things you are thankful for. 

I'm thankful for...
1. God and my wonderful family
2. A healthy happy son. 
3. A super supportive and understanding husband 
4. The friends and acquaintances in my life 
5. My job and students 
6. Being able to run and my health 
7. All of you that read this. I have major changes on a to-do list  but I am trying to find time for the blog related changes. 
8. Sunshine. 
9. Jeans on Friday!  Have a wonderful Friday!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day fun

Sunday- 7 easy miles
Monday- 16 miles 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!  My sister came over Sunday night and offered to stay the night ( and watch Cole in the morning so I could start my run; she pretty much rocks). Chris has practice Or so it seems. Every other Sunday he has off, so I have to wait until 9 to run or nap time on the weekends. My sister graciously offered to let me start my run earlier. 

Yesterday Cole woke up and played with his cars for a full hour. This is a new favorite toy.Then we headed outside where he gave me some great "cheese" faces. 
We took a walk down to see Mimi and Papa.
And relaxed in the backyard
Then my hubby graciously offered to go grocery shopping with Cole so I could run. 

Later that night we headed to Hometown days but the weather sent us home early. Cole did get to go on his first carnival rides though!
Once we came home he fell asleep right away. 

This morning I ran 10 by myself and came back home to get my sister (once Chris was home) and she finished my run with me! Just another reason why she rocks! She helped the last part of my run fly by! 
My pace was slower than normal. My stomach has been off and my shin has been hating me again so I just focused on getting the miles in.  I need to rest it more this week.  

Then we did all of our favorite things to celebrate Labor Day and I feel sick now. 

1. Five Guys burgers and fries 

2. Baseball games with family 
He loved the ball his uncle caught for him! 

I again forgot to take a picture until it was half eaten. 

4. Frozen yogurt 

It was a great day! I hope you ad a great weekend! 

What was the highlight of your Labor Day?