Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thoughts on the sport of running

30 min on the elliptical before work ( I had a hard time getting up today!)
5 miles on the treadmill after work - my mother-in-law asked to take Cole for an hour. So I ran. 
3 sets of: 15 kettlebell swings, 15 push ups, 30 sit ups 

Super broken up, but felt great. Except for the shin- back to icing, stretching, and rolling. 

Connecting with a "non-runner" 

Do you ever feel like your non-running friends or family don't understand your sport?  I have heard this topic come up often with my running friends.  On the RunJunkEe Facebook page a runner was frustrated by a non-running friend and it made me think.  

Luckily I have had a lot of positive feedback for what I do. My parents and in- laws both support my running, as do my other family members, friends, and co- workers. Or at least they act like they do.  I have a few situations where friends/ family have questioned my running and tried to attribute other conditions I was suffering from to my running. However I have many positive conversations about running daily. 

I work with a wonderful teacher who has taught 25 plus years and she made my day this morning. She ran into my classroom at 7:20 this morning and said she woke up at 4:30 and just couldn't get back to sleep, and she said " then I thought of you, you wake up and run, so I did".  She said she took her dog and did 3.4 miles. She was so so happy and in an amazing mood. She made me so happy and put a smile on my face. 

Another coworker of mine also said she went for a 2.5 mile run last night, and wants to sign up for a race.  My heart was smiling. ( 2 years ago she did a half marathon with me and had dreamed of running a marathon. With lots going on at home, she stopped for a bit, but is quickly getting back into it!)

So, I love running, but I don't talk about it much with my "non-running" friends because I know that it is probably of no interest to them. However, when they ask for advice or thoughts, my heart smiles and I try to help in any way I can.  I love when people want to give running a try.  

Like I said, I try to keep my running talk minimal and talk with the people that enjoy running ( or write about it!)  However, every once in a while a non-runner will try to convince me that running isn't healthy.  That is what was posted on the RunJunkEe Facebook page.  

It stated that non-runners sometimes...
1. Have an idea that running is unhealthy 
2. It is easy
3. It is bad for joints, knees and back
4. It's an unhealthy obsession that demonstrates selfishness
5. That running is just becoming a business to make people buy things. 
6. How selfish and arrogant it is to compete in races because it is a non team sport and focused on yourself 

Reading these things did frustrate me and started a good conversation with my hubby. 

He brought up some good points:

Some people don't understand...
1. The work it takes to be a runner
2. The science of getting better
3. The mental and physical strength required. The stamina of mental and physical strength is huge. 
4. In running you can't hide behind a teammate. You can't blame a ref for a bad call.  
5.  The success and failure is solely in the runner. 
6. We put blood, sweat and tears into running without an audience applauding. 
7. We don't do it for a million dollar contract. 
8. We go out in all weather conditions. Day after day. 

Now I know that many people don't understand running and don't care to.  I have even been out to dinner or grocery shopping and had someone come up to my saying " aren't you that lady that runs with the stroller" or similar conversations.  They sometimes look annoyed, and sometimes inspired. I guess I'd love for everyone to be able to feel the benefits of a good run. 

It may seem unhealthy or selfish, but what it does for my soul, spirit, and self-esteem is beyond amazing.  It makes me feel so alive, calm, and ready to tackle anything.  I find Chris and I to be a very calm couple, things that ruffle others feathers just aren't a big deal to us.  Part of that is our personality, but I think more than that, it is the calm that running provides for us.  It really helps us " stop sweating the small stuff". It makes us energized and ready to tackle the day and all obstacles we will face. It connects us and centers us. 

 Yes, it may seem selfish to take an hour a day to simply run.  But I whole heartily believe we have a better family life because of it. I am a better wife, mother, teacher and friend because of it. I make time for my run because I find to it is what is right for our family.  

I guess I should end my rant. I could go on and on:) 

I love running<3
What are your thoughts on running?
Have you had similar conversations? What so you say?
What does running give to you? 

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  1. Those anti-running people are just jealous!! I am convinced of that!!! Running saves lives! (coming from a very pseudo runner) :) You are amazing, Leash, and I brag about you, your running, and mental strength all the time! Love you! You are an inspiration.