Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fitting it all in: How to make it work when both you and your partner run

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone had a great day. We had a beautiful sunny 80 degree day. 

Me- 7.15 miles/ 60 minutes 

Chris- 7 miles/ 50 minutes

We had a fabulous day today! We spent the day at beautiful Lake Geneva. My sister was driving with us and we had planned to leave at 9am. Both Chris and I wanted to get our runs in before a day at the lake. 

I remember after having Cole thinking " how will we fit in both our runs?"

Well, we have become pretty good at fitting it all in since having Cole. Before Cole we used to do our runs at the same time but different paces. Somedays we still do our shorter runs at the same time and I take Cole in the BOB stroller, but most of the time we run at separate times. Lately Cole wants to run with me and not sit in the stroller. I love that he loves running already, but it makes it hard for me to complete my workout. 

In order to make it work we do the following:

1. Planning. We are a pretty well oiled machine over here. We always plan our running times the night before so we are both aware and ready to help out.  Last night I got the beach bag, toy bag, snack bag, and clothing packed up for the day at the beach so I wouldn't have to worry about it in the morning. We decided I would run first and when I got home Chris was ready and out the door. I left at 6:30, and we were done with our runs by 8:30. 

Week day planning:  I am so busy, when will I do it? 

I tried for a while to wake up and workout but for someone reason when my alarm went off Cole would wake up. I wanted to spend as much time with him when I was home and not working, so I became a night time runner. Not ideal but I got used to it and got my runs in.  I would sneak in strength while playing at the park or out in the yard. It wasn't structured but I was doing something. This school year I am going to try to wake up and run, but I am ready to run after bedtime if need be. 

2. Prioritize:  what is most important?

Do the dishes really need to be put away right this second? Can the laundry or vacuuming wait? Unfortunately or fortunately I am very type A. I hate putting things off and procrastinating. It stresses me out.  I like things organized, cleaned and put away. I drive my husband nuts. However since having Cole my A+ personality has mellowed a bit. I make my workout more of a priority than an empty laundry basket, spotless floors, emptied get my point. Don't get me wrong, I still like things clean and put away, but it doesn't need to be done right away. ( I also find that after a run I have so much energy and get a lot done, I like feeling productive.) My husband always says I drive him nuts because I will ask him to do something but I end up doing it myself because it wasn't done when I wanted it done. I've learned to stop and if he says he will do it, let him do it. Share the responsibilities. 

3. Partnership: do I have support?

Is your partner on board with your workout plan? I am lucky enough to have a husband that loves running as much as I do and gets it. Not everyone gets running. Plan a time to talk, discuss what you want, and what would work best for both your schedules. It might not be ideal time you want but at least you have time.  I used to workout everyday right after work. Unfortunately that doesn't work out well for our family. My hubby gets that spot ( perks of being a coach). I get after bedtime, not my favorite, but I get time. 

If you are single and with a child, have a partner with a very demanding job, or a partner that travels often I think the best ways to fit it in are:
A.  waking up early/nap time/ after bedtime
B. running with a stroller
C. doing a workout dvd together or while the kids work on a craft, game, etc
D. Child care. Some gyms have great child care facilities, if you have access, take advantage of it! Especially if its free:) 

My husband is very busy during the school year and I use my BOB stroller A LOT or workout at nap time/ after bedtime on the treadmill. 

4. Play : include your child 

Cole is getting to that age where he loves to run around. When we are playing outside I "race" him, count while doing squats and lunges. Or put him in the BOB and head out for a run ( this stroller was a lifesaver when he was an infant). While he's in the stroller we find something to count. We count fire hydrants, birds, blue trucks, squirrels, or whatever he chooses! 

I am sure I am forgetting some other tips! I will be sure to add them as they come to mind. 

A day at the Lake 

After getting our runs in we have the rest of the day to spend at the lake. 
King of the hill
Getting as sandy as possible-he's in heaven 
The best sister!


Hope you had a wonderful day! 

How do you fit in your workouts? 

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