Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

5 miles/42 min 

I missed my Tangent Tuesday, and I have a lot of random thoughts to share. 

1. I am loving working out in the morning and enjoying my evenings. I really think they only way I get out of bed is because I sleep in my workout clothes.

2. I have a half marathon Aug.25 that I am pretty nervous about. My left hip ( I think it's my IT band and shin are achy tonight). I am going to rest tomorrow. My long run on Sunday is supposed to be 17 miles.  I am going to listen to my body and do what is best for next weekend. 

3. I have been terrible this week with abs and core work. 

4. Tomorrow I am taking Cole Blackberry farm with a friend and Sunday we are going to the water park. I'm excited!!

5. This morning I ran, unloaded the dishwasher and folded a load of laundry all before work. I love feeling productive.  I used to leave for work at 6:30 but this year I am telling myself it is okay to leave at 7:00. ( We are required to be there at 7:40. My school is only 2 miles from our house, and Cole's new sitter is down the street from my school. Kinda perfect.) 

6. I've been having a protein smoothie every morning ( it's easy) and have remembered to include my beloved chia seeds! For some reason I was constantly forgetting to throw them in.  I also throw in a handful of spinach. 
I've been using this powder and really like it. 

7. I haven't done a workout in way too long. I really need to get back into 1-2good workouts a week.  I feel like I need my legs to freshen up first. They have been achy. I'm trying to keep injuries at bay.

8. Chris brought home a few Running Times magazines for me to read. I kinda loved what Aaron Braun had to say. 

9.  A student of mine goes to Cole's daycare.  I love that he comes to school in the morning with updates. 

10. I love talking running. I have an aide in my room this year for a student and she is a runner. We also hired 2 new 3rd grade teachers and one of them is training for her first marathon. I love the lunch talks all about running. 

I hope you have a great weekend!! 

What are your weekend plans?

What are you running this weekend?

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