Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easy runs aren't always easy

7 miles at recovery pace (8:15)

It actually became more of a progression run. My run started with a 9 mim/mile and gradually went down. I finished with an 8:03 mile.  Average pace: 8:15

Followed by stretching and 50 of each: squats, lunges, front/side/back leg swings, and calf raises

I headed out for my run around 8:15. I had about 80 minutes to run 7 miles, shower, and get ready before it was time to babysit.  Glad I got it in. 

My shin felt great running, but for some reason the second I stopped running it felt like it is going to snap again. Taking a step hurt. After icing right away and stretching it feels better. I don't get it. 

Easy runs should be easy, right? 

I guess that depends. It depends on many factors: hydration, rest days, sickness, mental state, your previous workout, weather conditions, and much more. 

Today's easy run felt easy for my legs but mentally it was tough. I wanted to quit. 

It was more humid than I had anticipated and I noticed my form falling apart throughout the run. I had to remind myself to keep my core tight, focus on my stride length and land on my midsoles. I also noticed my shoulders and arm form getting sloppy. Basically I was all over the place and it wasn't pretty. 

To keep myself moving I kept focusing on each mile and just making it through every mile. I love counting the miles accomplished rather than how many I have left. It keeps me mentally focused. I also kept repeating "you've got this" and "stay strong". I find when I talk to myself during runs it helps me finish feeling strong. 

Running mantras have always helped me finish a workout or a race. So much of running is mental and self talk can keep you mentally strong.  

Next time you feel your run falling apart try repeating a mantra. It should be short, use strong words, and be repeated. 

Running Mantras
Just run
Push yourself 
You are stronger than you think
Stay calm
Stay positive 
Hills are my friend
One mile at a time 
Think strong, be strong
Believe it, become it

Give one a try, or share one you use!

This afternoon I had to drop my husband off on the other side of town for a canoe trip. He was taking his xc team on a 5 mile trip down the river. After dropping him off I was going to head home, put Cole down, clean the house and make sure everything was packed. Unfortunately, Cole fell asleep in the car. 
Not a big deal right? Well for some reason once I get him out of the carseat he doesn't stay asleep for me. 
He thinks the 5 minute nap he took in the car is all he needs. Looks like nap time may be a battle today.  

Enjoy the rest of your day! 

How do you get through a tough workout?
Do you use a running mantra? Which one? 

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