Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Benefits of Running

I started running in high school but it was very minimal. I would start and quit. It was a love hate relationship that went on for some time. Running is hard and I had a hard time loving it. I would often resort to the elliptical machine. It just seemed easier. 

With time I really began to love the challenge of running. I love so many things. The endorphins after a hard run, the hard work required, sweat and pain felt ironically good. I am sure many other runners out there would agree.  Shortly after ditching the "go to elliptical" I started hitting the pavement and haven't stopped. I love love love what a good run can do for me.

(Please don't think that I am saying using the elliptical is not hard or not a good workout. I actually love that we have an elliptical. It is much easier on the joints, a great way to get your heart rate up, and a total body workout. It is my go to cross-trainer too! I really think any form of working out is awesome. Whether it is going for a walk, swim, run, lifting weight, cross fit, team sports, etc. Find what you love and stick to it. For me it is running, and I'm sticking to it. )

During nap time today I got on the elliptical for a 70 minute session. I always make sure to have a magazine with me when I use the elliptical and a good show to distract me from boringness ( is that a real word?) I would much rather be outside running. However I use the treadmill and elliptical when necessary. Even though today was a run day I decided to cross train. My shin hurts pretty bad. I'm icing and stretching and trying to give the pounding a break. 

While i used the elliptical I read my "Runner's World" magazine and watched House Hunters. Runner's World had a great article titled Body of Evidence.  
You can tell it has been well read:) 

The article listed the following benefits of running:
(check out the full article at www.runnersworld.com-- not sure how to link it on my IPad)
1. Grows cartilage 
2. Sharpens hearing
3. Saves your skin
4. Beats migraines 
5. Regenerates muscle
6. Eases anxiety 
7. Prevents cancer
8. Increases brainpower
9. Strengthens bones

Pretty neat, huh? I thought so. I find many other benefits too.

 After a run I feel like I can accomplish anything, I feel energized, and much more productive. For some reason I don't feel the same release after an elliptical session even if I am covered in sweat. A good circuit workout makes me feel strong and energized too but something about a good run makes me feel pretty incredible. 

Running is great workout, but their are so many other ways to workout. Find something you love and stick to it. Regardless of the workout you will find so many benefits associated with it. 

In other news...
 I have always wanted and ERGO baby carrier. I thought I'd wait until we have another child, but I can't pass up a great deal. At Marshall's I found of for $69 and ironically our hiking backpack broke last night. Of course I told the hubby it was a must for the hiking we are doing this weekend. 

Cole and I gave it a try! 

The we went down to the in-laws and Cole got a new pair of fireman boots that he won't take off now.

Dinner was pretty simple tonight. We just reheated chicken from last night, roasted broccoli, and a bag of Farro. 
Nothing fancy but it tasted pretty good. 


What is your favorite way to workout?
What is the biggest benefit you feel from it? 

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