Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Good Morning! I am happy to report that the little man slept all night and is still sleeping at 7 am!  I have a hard time sleeping in and was up at 6 am. For some reason I woke up super hungry this morning and just had to go make breakfast right away.  

Terrible picture but it tasted great. Whole grain waffles topped with peanut butter and 1/2 a banana.
And a bowl of frozen blue berries. Yum! I froze a big bag of berries after our trip to the blueberry farm and find myself snacking on them often. PS the Runner's World magazine I was reading yesterday had an article on blueberries. It states they are one of the best antioxidants out there and many other great benefits. 

I took yesterday off from running. I am currently icing and planning to head out for a run in a bit. I am hoping the pain is minimal and I am able to get a good run in. 

This evening we are going out of town until Sunday. That means it's time to start packing. I despise packing. I find that sitting down and creating a list helps make the process more bearable.  These days I have another little person to pack for and find that without a list I tend to forget things. 

Here's my packing list:

4 tops
Camis ( love wearing under shirts) 
2 long sleeve/ sweatshirts
2 shorts
1 Capri
1 jean
Underwear, bras, socks 
Swimsuit and cover up

Shampoo/ conditioner
Makeup bag
Face wash and creams 
Razor and soap 
Salt spray for hair 
Bug spray

Accessories as needed: scarfs, bracelets, running headbands 

1 pair of running shoes
Sports bra
Tank top
Running shorts

Chargers/ electronics:
Phone and charger
Garmin and charger
DVD player for the ride 

For Cole: 
I include much of the same and always remember special blankets/ stuffed animals for sleeping.

Baby shampoo is a must. 
Extra diapers and swim diapers. 
Small bag of favorite toys/books
Puddle jumper
Extra clothes! 
Lots of snacks 
Ergo carrier

I guess now that I made the list I better get packing! 

Have a great Wednesday 

How do you make packing more bearable?
Anything I am forgetting? I am sure their is! 
What are your weekend plans?

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