Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day fun

Sunday- 7 easy miles
Monday- 16 miles 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!  My sister came over Sunday night and offered to stay the night ( and watch Cole in the morning so I could start my run; she pretty much rocks). Chris has practice Or so it seems. Every other Sunday he has off, so I have to wait until 9 to run or nap time on the weekends. My sister graciously offered to let me start my run earlier. 

Yesterday Cole woke up and played with his cars for a full hour. This is a new favorite toy.Then we headed outside where he gave me some great "cheese" faces. 
We took a walk down to see Mimi and Papa.
And relaxed in the backyard
Then my hubby graciously offered to go grocery shopping with Cole so I could run. 

Later that night we headed to Hometown days but the weather sent us home early. Cole did get to go on his first carnival rides though!
Once we came home he fell asleep right away. 

This morning I ran 10 by myself and came back home to get my sister (once Chris was home) and she finished my run with me! Just another reason why she rocks! She helped the last part of my run fly by! 
My pace was slower than normal. My stomach has been off and my shin has been hating me again so I just focused on getting the miles in.  I need to rest it more this week.  

Then we did all of our favorite things to celebrate Labor Day and I feel sick now. 

1. Five Guys burgers and fries 

2. Baseball games with family 
He loved the ball his uncle caught for him! 

I again forgot to take a picture until it was half eaten. 

4. Frozen yogurt 

It was a great day! I hope you ad a great weekend! 

What was the highlight of your Labor Day? 

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