Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Tuesday- off
Wednesday- 60 min elliptical bright n early
Thursday- 7 miles before work - 3 miles at night 

My shin/ calf is really acting up again.  Taking a day off tomorrow or cross training. Pain pain go away.  

1. This week has been crazy! You would think a short week would be nice, but I have 5 days of work to cram into 4. 
2. I'm tired.  Really really tired.  
3. Yesterday was rough in the tantrum department. Terrible Twos plus some. 

4. I have been extra hungry lately. I swear my body goes nuts once my mileage goes up and I can't get satisfied. 
5. Loving yogurt bowls in the morning. 
6. I love that Cole is getting to be such a helper ( when he's not throwing a fit)
7. Cole is in love with his new shoes. 
8. Cross country is in full swing! It's busy around here. 
9. I had a pumpkin bar today and again forgot a picture. I'm excited for the fall!
10. I can't wait for the apple orchard. 
11. Chris is excited about his apple tree. He is excited to share that their are over 200 apples. 
12. I'm tired. Wait? Did I saw that already? 

I need to get back to my running posts, I have been frustrated lately with my leg.  I need to revamp my training.  Not sure what I can do with the marathon 5 weeks away.  I think my goal to PR is changing to just enjoy the run.  After this marathon I'd like to focus on speed and my half marathon time. We will talk running a other day! Hope your running is going well!

More thoughts
What are you thankful for? End your day jotting down or stating a few things you are thankful for. 

I'm thankful for...
1. God and my wonderful family
2. A healthy happy son. 
3. A super supportive and understanding husband 
4. The friends and acquaintances in my life 
5. My job and students 
6. Being able to run and my health 
7. All of you that read this. I have major changes on a to-do list  but I am trying to find time for the blog related changes. 
8. Sunshine. 
9. Jeans on Friday!  Have a wonderful Friday!!

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