Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week of Workouts

My blogging is taking a backseat lately. I was working with a friend and we are/were in the process of creating a new blog called " A Running Couple's Life". I honestly just haven't had the time to get it up and running.  Another reason why this blog is so plain.  I'm trying to make time:) I like to do things well or not at all.  I will keep you posted when/if the change happens. 

This little man keeps me busy :)

As my schedule continues to be busy, especially with the marathon in 3 weeks I do still want to blog my workouts to keep me accountable, but with less frequency.  

So here are my workouts from last week:

After my run Sunday my shin/calf issue was killing.  I pray I have the strength and little to no pain to run in 3 weeks. PR goals are out the window.  Just hoping to run and enjoy it! 

Monday- rest
Tuesday-rest ( 2 days in a row is hard for me- trying to be smart) 

Wednesday- 30 minutes elliptical before work- 30 minutes after work. 100 of each- squats, girly push ups, sit ups.  I broke it up into 5 rounds of 20

Thursday- 60 elliptical before work.  Tried a run after work.  Made it 2 miles and stopped.  Shin/ calf pain :(

Friday- 60 elliptical.  Squats, girly push ups, and abs. Didn't make it to a full 100 of each. Maybe 80?

Saturday- Spin class for 50 minutes and a long walk 

Sunday- supposed to be 20 miles. Didn't happen. 

So I'm frustrated but focusing on the positive.  I've been really lucky in much of my training up to this point.  I am icing, wearing compression and trying to do more low impact exercise. I would love to get a sports massage. Maybe I can find a local groupon deal.  As for now I'm trying to stay active and realize that some things are out of my control.  ( I like control, if you couldn't tell). My hope is to show up at the starting line of the marathon and enjoy the experience. 

In other news, I am excited to be starting an after work exercise group with some fellow teachers. We are hoping to run 2-3 days a week, yoga/ workout DVDs the other days.  A few people are a bit intimidated, but I am hopeful that they will love the endorphins and keep coming back for more.  I think this will be a great way to boost the moral of our school! I understand that not everyone loves working out the way I do, but I hope they find this a fun way to unwind, laugh, and have fun while getting a good sweat. 

I have so many ideas running through my mind lately. Fitness/ a health lifestyle are a huge passion of mine, and lots of new things I would like to investigate! 

In other news we celebrated my Babcia's 85th birthday today! She is one strong woman. 

Best cake ever! 

Love these kids! 

I hope you had a great weekend! I am hoping to be back this week! I have some fun workouts to share and a tasty dark chocolate banana muffin recipe to share!   

What's the biggest obstacle that holds you back from getting our workouts in? 

I find that I MUST write them down on my calendar or I just come up with an excuse.  Lately waking up has been hard, but I just keep reminding myself how much better I feel all day if I work out! I'm exhausted at the end of the day so it's easier to do it in the morning for me.  

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