Sunday, January 3, 2016

When the motivation just isn't there

Well winter has finally hit the Midwest.  It's hard to believe that on Christmas day I was running in shorts, and today I couldn't get enough layers to stay warm.

Today was our last day of winter break and I really had nothing planned. Poor boys, I am so not fun.  Actually, I have been trying to get myself feeling 100% again.  After being hit with the flu and sinus infection on New Year's Day I've been in catch up mode.  I wasn't sure whether I would get a workout in or not.  We spent the first few hours of the day jumping while daddy had practice!
The boys have been loving their bounce house that they got for Christmas.  Honestly,  a bounce house in the living room is the best thing for getting their energy out! I really wasn't feeling a workout but Chris texted me to see if I wanted to come to the high school and lift.  So out the door we went. 
I find when I am not motivated to workout I try to find little signs that motivate me to move.  Chris is not big on lifting and the fact that he texted me to come out was a huge sign for me to get out the door!  The boys had fun getting out the house, and we had fun building some muscle! 

The boys enjoyed exploring the gym while I did the following workout x3:
25 walking lunges
25 push ups
20 V-ups
30 jumping lunges
60 second jumping jacks
15 lunge back and front shoulder raise (per each leg)
30 squats with side shoulder raise
60 second wall sit with 20 bicep curls
20 tricep dips
60 second plank
All that working out made these kids hungry... blueberries for them and avocado toast with an egg for me.

We had a busy afternoon, but I managed to squeeze in a FREEZING cold 5 mile run.  I kept it easy today and just went by feel.  5 miles at 7:45 pace.  Now it's time to switch gears a get some lesson plans done! 

I honestly didn't feel like running today, but I kept telling myself "just 30 minutes", so out the door I headed for a 30 minute run.  30 minutes is my magic number.  Once I hit 30 minutes I felt re-energized and felt like I could keep on going.  I knew I wanted to keep it an easy run so I made sure to stop at 5 miles. 

So when I am not motivated I try to...
1. Set a small goal "30 minutes or just 1 set of each move"  I often find that once I get moving I want to keep moving.
2. I browse the running community on IG.  Their runs always motivate me to get out the door! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
3. I like competition.  I always like to keep up with my hubby. If he ran that day, I feel like I need to run too!  Since he ran and lifted, it motivated me to get out the door!

Did you run today?  How did it go?

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