Thursday, January 7, 2016

Focus on Strength

TGIAF- Thank God it's Almost Friday
Flowers from the hubby just because!  He's a good one. 

Workout recap:
Tuesday and Wednesdays workouts: 5 easy miles @ 7:40-7:50 pace.

Today (Thursday): off-  I felt very tired Wednesday night that I decided to call Thursday a rest day.    I was itching to still do something so I did the following:
My workout buddy

30 seconds of each move x3
1. jumping jacks
2. wall sits with bicep curls
3. push ups
4. v-sits
5. chair step-ups
6. plank
7. over head press
8. lunges with front raise
9. push ups with rotation
10. side planks

I have been keeping my runs pretty easy this week because my body is still recovering from the flu and I had an 11 day running stretch that has my body feeling tired.  Also with no races on the calendar I can kind of do what I want!

These 2 make strength training much more fun. 

My first true love is running.  If I could only run I would, but I know the importance of core and strength training for injury prevention and performance.  I have had issues with piriformis syndrome since having both my boys.  The only way I can stay running is if I include bridges, lunges, squats, and planks into my weekly routine.  Once I started to include strength training into my routine I felt so much better during my runs.  I keep most of my strength workouts to simple workouts that can be done at home and with body weight, or 10 pound dumbbells. 

My typical post run series is the following:

1. stretching for 5-10 minutes (on a good day, I am bad about skipping stretching)
2. squats 15-25
3. plank (regular and side lunges)
4. lunges 20-25
5. bridges 15

I try to repeat it at least 2 times
I'm spending some time signing up for some races!

In 2015 I was recovery from my pregnancy and I was very inconsistent in my strength training.  I am making it a goal to keep strength my focus in 2016!  We will see how it goes.

What is your focus for 2016?

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